4 Key Pillars of the arkflux Platform


  • Track sales opportunities, deals won and predictive sales analytics
  • Timesheet integration so you can see your true cost of sales and support
  • Automated notes and comments appended to customer records
  • Task Management keeping your team aligned to business objectives and driving results
  • Real time sales targets, pipeline and individual salesperson reporting
  • VOIP and Video integration

Centrally manage sales process with arkflux


  • CRM Integration to track opportunities and activities
  • Create comprehensive automation using Machine Learning
  • Send engaging email newsletters and trigger email updates from existing systems
  • Create powerful automated marketing processes that keep your customers updated and saving you time
  • Generate leads from your website and from social media with real time alerts to your sales team

Create engaging and visual marketing strategies


  • Understand how your customers interpret your brand, products and services
  • Create automated feedback campaigns that measure intent and demonstrate value
  • Spot intent analytics and develop your processes to give a fantastic experience
  • Integration with additional apps to enhance your customer interactions
  • Understand the true human emotion using our NLP sentiment AI engine

Create a customer experience journey visually and test


  • Create powerful automated Events with free or paid tickets
  • Integration with email, web and social media for marketing and promotion purposes
  • Lead tracking and Facebook pixel integration
  • Integration with Stripe for card payments
  • Extensive ticket and traffic analytics and reporting
  • Automated lists and dynamic segmentation

Create and manage your event lifecycle from a single view

Trusted by many brands and businesses

Empowering Businesses Everywhere

A Single Platform Solution

The arkflux platform features CRM, Digital marketing, Customer and Employee Experience and Customer data platform (CDP) in a single web-based solution eliminating the need for separate solutions. 

  1. Save money through a single solution for both CRM and CDP 
  2. Increase productivity and sales by spotting intent in real-time 
  3. Don’t waste time and money on expensive integration costs 

Streamline your costs and improve your agility

Our intelligent AI engine improves your sales productivity by generating leads automatically based on intent metrics and nurture saving you time and effort on manual tasks. 









Active Admins

Accelerate your business knowledge

Gather your data in one place allowing for stronger insights such as ‘when was the last time a customer interacted with your brand either through sales or marketing’ 

Improve your marketing through CDP and Digital Marketing

Combined CDP and Digital Marketing capability dynamically segments based on intent and preferences giving you the ability tspecifically target the audiences you’re interested in. 

Happy employees
= Happy customers

With arkflux employee experience you can understand the sentiment and emotion of your employees. Improve your employee communications and send out critical notifications.

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arkflux agility for VMware Workspace ONE

Employee experience, crisis management, policy management, end users understood.

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