CRM reimagined, built to be fast, simple yet effective

Track sales opportunities, deals won and predictive sales analytics.

Automated notes and comments appended to customer records.

Complete contact timeline and history down to every touch point e.g. opened email, deal closed.

Task management keeping your team aligned to business objectives and driving results.

Integration with Spark Business Automation to seamlessly create customer journeys.

Real time sales targets, pipeline analytics and individual sales person reporting.

Sales line items, report what products or services your team are selling to your customers.

Timesheet integration so you can see your true cost of sales and support.

Single click web conference integration with arkflux Unite, saving recordings directly to customers.

Role based access controls to ensure only the right members of your team can access the right information.

Designed for all teams and departments

Automated lead generation direct from your website, digital marketing and customer interactions.
Streamlined UI
Ensures you can access the right information in as few clicks as possible.
Multi Tenant
Support for every team and department using our multi tenant, role based access

The most complete contact management, ever.

Every touchpoint, every note, every website visit, every sale, every metric captured, displayed beautifully on each contact. You don't need to guess how your customers and prospects feel.

Highly customisable.

Build your bespoke sales opportunity pipeline and task statuses to match your business.

You match your business terminology to the arkflux platform. Every task, opportunity, comment, timesheet carries your business customisations.

Automate your sales team

With arkflux you can automate many tasks that improve your sales agility. For instance, if a customer visits a particular webpage, arkflux will automatically generate a task for the contact owner to reach out, generating you more sales and improving productivity.

Real-time sales insights.

Your business, your sales targets in real time. Understand the health of your sales across your team with powerful sales dashboards.