Generate Leads from your Website

Do you know who's visiting your website?

You can understand who's visiting your website and start to lead generate automatically by trigger processes such as a email drip campaign. Ultimately improving your revenue and creating dynamic opportunities based on intent.

See who's visiting your website in real time and discover what is resonating with your prospects

Monitor intent 24 hours a day and never miss an opportunity to generate a new lead

Automatically generate new leads for sales based on intent, visits, read rates and much more

Create email drip campaigns based on specific pages so that the message is direct and relevant

Three simple steps to generate website leads today!

Choose your workflows
Seed your workflows from our stock library of templates
Add our Javascript widget
Drop the Javascript code onto your website page to get the process growing
Generate new leads
Instantly see leads flying in, enabling your sales team to follow up and close

Centralise how you Generate Leads

Combine the power of email drip campaigns with website contact, customer service and enquiry forms to ensure that all your contact and prospect data is collected in a single platform.

Run powerful automation workflow to keep your customers and prospects informed through every step of the process.

We work with Small and Enterprise Businesses!

The arkflux Customer Experience Cloud Platform is truly able to scale your business to a new level. Trusted by start ups and some of the largest global brands to capture hundreds of thousands of interactions on a monthly basis. 

Our Cloud architecture gives you the controls to embed customer experience and employee feedback into the fabric of your organisation. From integration with CRM, MIS and Service Desk solutions through to Social Media. With arkflux you're able to maximise your touchpoints with ease.