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Segment your audience with ease

With your audience… Create and dynamically segment your target audience, combine insights, and with our easy-to-use design tools, flexible templates and personalisation options, boost your customer engagement.Learn More

Schedule and track your social media posts

With social media… Create your social posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from within the platform, scheduling as far into the future as you want. Combine posts with short links to forms and landing pages, offering more audience engagement, creating more sales opportunities that can easily be tracked.Request Demo

Add click to action landing pages to your social media

With Automation workflows… Easily attach a landing page alongside a Facebook post to create a sales opportunity that can be easily monitored.Learn More

Design personalised email drip campaigns

With easy tracking and monitoring… of emails and automatically resend them after time intervals if they haven’t been seen. However, if they have been read, then a sales task is automatically created. Request Demo

Build powerful automations

With automation tools… spend less time on repetitive tasks and increase your marketing and lead generation activities, at the same time integrating prospects and leads directly in our CRM, to easily monitor and score leads. Automate further and send hot leads and opportunities directly to the sales teams.Learn More

Interact with your website visitors

With website tracking tools… you can monitor visitors to your page and with the automation provided within the product, send a delayed email to them as a reminder of what they were doing on your website. Request Demo

Create seamless events both online and in person

With Events…more than ever, we need to create a seamless process from launch to actual event. Easy-to-use and seamlessly integrating with contacts and the full suite of marketing tools, spread awareness of your event in multiple ways, from concept to ticket to payment (Fully integrated with Stripe for payments) You can even measure the success of the event with our intelligent sentiment analysis!Learn More

Real time goals and marketing campaigns

With unified campaigns… Achieve your goals for generating leads or revenue and then use a variety of marketing tools to reach this such as Email or Social media websites. All of this is fed into a real time dashboard showing the most important analytics and outcomes of your posts.Request Demo

Understand more than just a number

Know more… with metrics such as CSAT, NPS and CES alongside our custom automated sentiment analysis to monitor customer responses and automatically respond in certain ways depending on the way their answer was wrote as well as giving an alert to a team member to contact the individual.Learn More

More touchpoints than any other platform!

Your way… There are so many different touchpoints and ways to engage with your customers and you can do it all from one location; Social, Web, Email, SMS, Mobile, QR Codes, Short Links – make Arkflux your marketing platform for your next unified marketing campaign.Request Demo

Understand the financial health of your business

Easily monitor the health of your business through our smart dashboards with real-time reporting and sales metrics allowing the ability to quickly track targets and monitor year on year performance giving you valuable insights into your business.Learn More

Stop repeating manual tasks!

Improve employee productivity through the use of business automation. When a deal is closed a task is automatically generated allowing for your team to be aligned and know what they are doing. And on top of this, customer feedback is automatically sent.Request Demo

Does your team use multiple apps for sales, marketing and task management?

Remove unwanted data silos from your company and share freely between departments with no need for import/export routines giving you back the time to work on something else.Learn More

One platform, infinite possibilities

Align sales, marketing and customer experience into a single platform saving time and eliminating data silos and giving you a comprehensive view of customer happiness and success from prospect to renewal.Request Demo

Make sure you’re winning against your competitors

Track competitors and your win/loss rate within pipelines and adapt to fit your market using the data you’ve gathered.Learn More

Plan and manage your employees

Make informed decisions using timesheets to track length of tasks to work out the true cost of sales and monitor what your team are working on, no matter how remote they may be working.Request Demo

Integration with industry standard finance packages

We are integrated with many financial and productivity tools such as Zoom/ Stripe / Xero / Sage etc. giving you the ability to extend out the capability to other platforms.Learn More

Your projects, delivered.

Using our project management tools you’re able to see the real world of team delivery for your projects.Request Demo

Fixed pricing and no surprises!

Our transparent pricing and opex forecasting can help you work out the best level to set fixed prices and as a result, achieve long term contracts that benefit both parties.Learn More

Privacy to match your business requirements

Forget having to worry about GDPR, our business has multiple data centres throughout the UK, EU, APJ or US with multi-tenant access helping you abide by all the required laws of your jurisdiction.Request Demo

130+ permissions and access controls

With 130+ permissions you can ensure that the security and access to your environment is kept to a need-to-know basis. We’ve designed 7 standard roles from sales person to marketing manager, but if that isn’t enough you can custom design your own roles to keep your data protected.Learn More

Capture more sales through real time intent analytics

Using both the wide range of tools within our marketing automation alongside the real-time opportunity registration within the platform allows for the contact owner to be alerted as soon as a customer is perceived as a lead and for them to close the deal.Learn More

Deliver a fantastic customer experience

Automatically align your sales and delivery teams to execute flawlessly the moment a deal changes stage. Our business automation framework creates a culture of accountability to ensure your customers have a fantastic experience.Request Demo

Stop repeating manual tasks

Having to add comments, change statuses, opportunity probability and update lists no longer require human intervention. Our business automation framework automatically adjusts the platform based on your pipeline. Enabling your sales team more time to sell.Learn More

View your sales health like never before

Manage multiple pipelines with ease using our simple, yet informative dashboards featuring real-time target tracking. Breakdown your sales into granular pipelines to see the health and KPIs of your business.Request Demo

Understand your competition

Monitor and track how your business is doing against competitors with informative graphs telling you who you’ve won and lost to and helping you become aware of gaps in the market and grow your product.Learn More

Receive real time updates based on prospect interactions

Your sales team receive real time updates when your prospects are viewing webpages, interacting on social media and view your email marketing content. Give your sales team the inside track on what your prospects are doing.Request Demo

Your contracts, signed digitally, at the speed of life

Send your prospect a quote or proposal from arkflux, ready for a digital signature. Maximise your prospect intent by providing a simple yet effective process to move your opportunities to closed won.Learn More



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