Your employees are your greatest business asset

Lead by example with employee experience

Send professional looking email communications to keep your team updated

Create powerful automated onboarding to engage your new employees and save you time and money

Retain talent and prevent added expense from costly recruitment processes

Communicate with your employees in their native language to promote diversity and inclusion

Understand the human emotion of your employees to create a positive workplace

Create meaningful check in cycles with your employees to understand how your employees feel

Need to profile your employees to discover their future career aspirations or whether they are a flight risk

Deliver SMS updates to your employees in real time in an emergency situation

View your employee data and track emotion using real time dashboards, reporting and analytics

Ensure GDPR compliance and governance using role based access and multi-tenancy

The Only Cloud Platform that really understands your employees

Scalable, easy to deploy and typically returning an ROI within a few weeks of deployment
Deploy automated, dynamic workflows to enhance your employee experience
Support for every team and department using our multi tenant, role based access

Capture the emotion of your employees

With arkflux AI, we’ve harnessed the power of machine learning to every employee touchpoint. arkflux AI is able to draw sentiment and emotion from the feedback, text conversations and interactions you have with your employees, to give you easy, effortless emotional analytics.

Understand if your employees are a flight risk, not working to their full potential using our sentiment analysis. Discover how impactful the changes you make to your business are from your employee’s perspective.

One platform from hire to retire

With arkflux Employee Experience you have a single console to monitor, interact and analyse data regarding your employees.

Our mobile app ensures your employees have the power of HR in their pocket, removing paper based forms and processes.

Discover your employee NPS and satisfaction including how your employees interact with your intranet sites and email communications.

Add compliance to ensure that the most important HR communications are read and files such as PDF documents are downloaded.

Automatically translate into 27 different languages

Research shows that people feel more engaged when they are able to communicate in their native language.

With arkflux EX you can improve your employee engagement by automatically translating into over 27 different languages.

Any results are converted back into English.