Customer Data Platform

A CDP or Customer Data Platform creates a 360-degree view of the customer containing multiple sources of data that can be analysed as a way of tailoring marketing specifically for them.

Gather your own data through arkflux provided sources


Customer attributes

Transactional data

Campaign metrics

Customer service data

5 Differences between CDP and CRMs

1 A CRM only tracks a customer’s intentions via manual entry, whereas a CDP autonomously creates unified customer profiles with the data gathered from both online and offline channels.

2 The data is also collected on anonymous visitors whereas CRMs only report on known or potential customers.

3 CDPs analyse lifetime customer behaviour, however CRMs primarily analyse the sales pipeline and forecasting.

4 CDPs are also built to handle multiple data points and so the potential for replicated data is thin. On the other hand, CRMs collect data individually and as a result of this the data can get mislabelled or lost if mishandled.

5 CRM solutions typically contain additional features such as Task or Project Management, Timesheets and Customer Service interactions.

Why CDPs are beneficial to you

  • They avoid data silos which is where your data is only shared within one department and isolated from the rest of the company
  • It collects data directly from the audience through first party data allowing for your marketing decisions to be tailored specifically for your contacts
  • Using a CDP allows for you to build customer profiles in such a way that you are able to get to know your contacts behaviour better
  • This gives you the ability to market through multiple channels and collect and organise new data to improve your current marketing efforts
  • CDP allows for more precise contact targeting as all of the data on the contact is available under one profile allowing for a higher quality interaction with them.
  • Allows for customer loyalty decision making to be made possible as you can show the customers exactly what they want to see

Why would I want an integrated CRM and CDP Solution?

Productivity improvement

An integrated CRM and CDP solution means that you won’t require spreadsheets or exports any more as a result of our automation freeing you up to be more productive.

Saves money

Save you money by only paying for one platform featuring both solutions rather than multiple for a higher price.

Real time automation

Automate your sales activities based on proactive rules that monitor intent from your contacts and prospects. For instance, a known contact visits a particular page on your website 3 times within a 7-day period, arkflux will automatically create a task for the contact owner to reach out within a defined period e.g. 2 days.

Improved customer service interaction

Allow your business to analyse the sentiment of customers and then respond to that by outputting marketing strategies that will engage them and garner their attention.

Dynamic segmentation

Split customers into different lists based upon certain preferences and intent as a way of segmenting them into categories and targeting them with tailored marketing.

Customer Journey and lifecycle

Trigger amazing customer journeys that orchestrate your internal team and keep your customer informed throughout the sales cycle. Automatically generate tasks, change customer status, add comments and build engaging feedback campaigns. All your sales team need to do is change the status of an opportunity.

Understand your customer from a sales perspective by being able to view how they interact with your brand

With CDP and CRM working together, you are able to find out exactly what engages your customers and what makes them want to interact with your brands allowing for you to target them specifically and break sales down by what they find important.