Improve your business with intelligent Customer Experience and Marketing

Design your perfect customer experience.

  • Understand how your customers interpret your brand, products and services.
  • Spot intent analytics and develop your internal processes to give your customer's a fantastic experience.
  • Create automated feedback campaigns that measure intent and demonstrate customer value.
  • Integration with additional apps like arkflux Spark and Unite to enhance your customer interactions.
  • Create meaningful customer journeys that embrace all departments not just sales.
  • Understand the true human emotion using our NLP sentiment AI engine.

Design meaningful onboarding campaigns.

Onboard your customers with a CX campaign designed to keep them informed and engaged from the moment an opportunity changes to a sale. Create a fantastic brand perception and keep your customers engaged throughout the life cycle of your products or services.

Industry metrics and human emotion.
From NPS, CES, CSTAT we have all the industry metrics to expose how your customers feel. With arkflux we take those metrics to a new level with our true human emotion engine that measures sentiment, spots intent and drives awareness using Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Filter through the noise
Get precise updates the moment something changes with your customers. Whether it's a change of metric, negative reviews or feedback, arkflux flags in real time the customers you need to nurture. Saving you time, effort and delivering an amazing customer experience.
Capture pure human emotion and sentiment
​With arkflux AI, we've harnessed the power of machine learning to every customer touchpoint. arkflux AI is able to draw sentiment and emotion from the feedback, text conversations and interactions you have with your customers and employees, to give you easy, effortless emotional analytics

Customer experience analytics is ​the new leading indicator of customer loyalty.

We help you better understand your customers, and how they behave, so your business can deliver value in the moments they need it most.