CRM Solutions

empowered by business automation

Business automation

Harness advanced workflow technology to streamline your business, making it more effective and productive for your employees. Increase your quality of service and reduce repeating manual tasks giving you the time back and freedom to grow your business.

Task scheduling

Schedule powerful intuitive workflows that incorporate task reminders at pre-defined times or after certain time intervals. Streamlined fast deployment, implemented with just the click of a button allowing for employees to know exactly when to contact customers.

Scaling your business

Reduce manual tasks and transform your business using automation. Business automation saves you time to focus on the tasks that grow your business, increase your customer base and your overall profitability.

Marketing automation

Give your marketing team the tools to excel! Advertise more effectively online and reach wider audiences through multiple channels. The arkflux analytics identifies potential sales leads and can help you track these opportunities from intent to close.

Click and fire workflows:

Click and fire workflows allow for you to set up pre-determined responses that, once a status is changed will respond to customers. All you have to do is decide when they fire and tasks, notes, contact updates are automatically created saving you time

Sales Automation

Our AI engine automatically monitors your prospects intent and generates leads for your sales team to reach out without any human involvement. It measures interactions across all your channels and can trigger alerts and tasks giving your sales team insights like never before!