Events Marketing

Not just an events platform

Send marketing and business communications via social media, email, your website and SMS, as well as having the arkflux events package alongside to manage all your up coming events.

All available in one powerful platform.

You retain all the fees

We pass 100% of the money that you get from ticket sales straight to Stripe*.

We charge no fees, no transaction charges unlike other event software solutions.

Fed up of waiting for the event to be finished before receiving the money? You receive your ticket money quickly and reliably with minimal fuss; typically, within 7 days of first payment.

It’s your business, your hard work so why should you lose out?

*Stripe fees are still applicable.

Any size, any sector

Arkflux events works for any size and sector of business wishing to set up an event.

From free informative webinars to paid networking events, the platform is designed to be entirely comprehensive.

Create an event based around your business and customer requirements. You can even design your automated event confirmation email and retarget previous attendees.

Simple yet powerful

An easy to use, intuitive process to launch your next event.

Arkflux events has been designed to be simple to use, with a clear step by step process to ensure you maximise your results.

Incorporate the advanced elements in the platform so that as your business grows, the platform grows alongside it, continually monitoring and improving the experience for you and your customers.

Find and discover events

Search for specific events all around the country or browse for events that you may not know are happening using a ‘featured’ page.

Increase your networking and social circle, find collaborators, discover new leads and uncover training and learning possibilities.

End to end control

Build recognition into your arkflux events with the ability to control your marketing in every area.

Create bespoke advertising emails, landing pages, event confirmations and much more to provide a professional experience.

Integration with Stripe

We are integrated with Stripe payments so that your money will arrive to you as quickly as possible and even integrate with your account's solution where applicable.

Create your Stripe account today to get ready for your first paid event (

Analyse your event

With automated emails, SMS’s and on the day device surveys, you can efficiently collect data to understand what went well at the event and what needs improving for next time.

Advertised your event on social media? Check out the correlation between posting and ticket sales and discover your most effective channels of communication via the dashboard featuring all of the key statistics.