Improve your employee communications
with arkflux agility for VMware Workspace ONE

Instant, real time employee notifications

Send real time alerts about changes to the workplace or work environment including read receipts

Pinpoint employees that require assistance during a crisis and even show their IP location on a map

Design and build employee engagement feedback surveys to understand how your employees feel

Obtain signature sign off for new health and safety policies and procedures

Integration with arkflux true human emotion AI engine for real time sentiment analysis

Automatic translation both outbound and inbound in up to 27 different languages

Integration directly with Workspace ONE Access

Seamlessly sign into arkflux using Workspace ONE Access. Synchronise your users and groups for notification distribution directly from the arkflux agility console.

Our multi tenant and user permission architecture means you can create arkflux agility instances in your territory or regions to ensure you abide by global privacy standards.

Industry metrics and human emotion.

From NPS, CES, CSTAT we have all the industry metrics to expose how your customers feel. With arkflux we take those metrics to a new level with our true human emotion engine that measures sentiment, spots intent and drives awareness using Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Crisis and Emergency Management.

Find out which employees require assistance both in and away from the office. Distribute notifications directly to Workspace ONE Intelligent hub to understand what employees require help and assistance. Even display their IP address in real time on a global map giving you centralised management.

See which employees or contractors need help in real time.

Capture the emotion of your employees

With arkflux AI, we've harnessed the power of machine learning to every employee touchpoint. arkflux AI is able to draw sentiment and emotion from the feedback, text conversations and interactions you have with your employees, to give you easy, effortless emotional analytics.

Understand if your employees are a flight risk, not working to their full potential using our sentiment analysis. Discover how impactful the changes you make to your business are from your employee's perspective.

We work with Small and Enterprise Businesses!

The arkflux Customer Experience Cloud Platform is truly able to scale your business to a new level. Trusted by start ups and some of the largest global brands to capture hundreds of thousands of interactions on a monthly basis. 

Our Cloud architecture gives you the controls to embed customer experience and employee feedback into the fabric of your organisation. From integration with CRM, MIS and Service Desk solutions through to Social Media. With arkflux you're able to maximise your touchpoints with ease.